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Sustainable insight

he Sustainability Consortium (TSC) was created in 2009, with a mission to transform the consumer goods industry. Now, in partnership with its more than 100 members — including top companies, NGOs, universities, and government organizations — TSC helps organizations define, develop, and deliver more sustainable products.

Impact Report
  • 10 years of TSC impact
  • $200 billion in consumer goods managed using TSC tools
  • 85% of consumer goods covered
  • 2,000+ users of TSC tools worldwide

An engine for ingenuity
Over the past six years or so, TSC has built a science-based system to enable the above and more. Covering everything from adhesive tapes and toys to root vegetables and refrigerators, the group offers companies access to research insights on nearly 130 product categories, along with the opportunity to work with competitors without the competition.

“By sharing sustainability measurement tools with large, well-known brands at the hub of the $14 trillion global economy, we’re on an exciting track to influence social and environmental stewardship involving $1 trillion of consumer sales,” says Chief Scientist Kevin J. Dooley, ASU Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management.

Well-known brands engaged with TSC include Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, and Sprouts Farmers Market, to name a few. “TSC proves that universities are good places for the world to bring difficult and controversial issues to,” Dooley says, “[…] as a safe and objective place for deliberation and discourse, even for groups that are very far apart from each other.”

More to explore
After a solid gold decade, TSC keeps ramping up the research. Current projects in their innovation pipeline are focused on just about everything — head to p. 36 for a taste of sustainable coffee.

The Sustainability Opportunity is an intensive three-day seminar, with multiple weeks of follow-up activity, led by ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business and School of Sustainability. Midcareer professionals interested in building a sustainability network, creating an advantage in the marketplace, and advancing their strategic sustainability skills are encouraged to apply.

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