Introducing the Carey Code
The Carey Code is over 60 years in the making. While this initiative is new, its impact and spirit are evident throughout our school’s history — and likely your daily lives. We are pleased and proud to introduce it to you, as well as highlight some of your many contributions to the past, present, and future of ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business.
Unveiled on campus in the fall of 2019, the Carey Code is a collective promise to our school’s ideals and the values we bring to all that we do. The origins of the Carey Code began with our alumni community, who wanted a clear call of what it means to be a W. P. Carey Sun Devil for life.

We have a couple of goals with the Carey Code. The first is to create community across the many ways people interact with W. P. Carey, especially as students transition to become alumni. The code is an outward expression of a shared inward identity.

We hope it’s also a reminder of the support and community you can always find here, and an inspiration to support the future success of every W. P. Carey Sun Devil — alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends alike. Our story is and always will be the sum of thousands more, lived and championed by W. P. Carey graduates like you.

If you’d like, you can take a moment to throw forks up and recite the code (bonus points if you post your #careycode rendition on social!). We hope you also look for ways to live it in your everyday life, whether that means engaging in your continued learning or the mentorship of others, participating in alumni events or our online communities, giving to W. P. Carey, or incorporating these values and points of pride in your workplace.

A few ways alumni can translate the Carey Code to action:
  • Hire a Sun Devil.
  • Take an informational interview.
  • Have coffee with a Sun Devil who just moved to your region.
  • Share your success with us on LinkedIn.
  • Participate in our Alumni Council.
  • Be an ambassador between your company and your alma mater.

Visit to learn more about engagement opportunities and resources dedicated to our thriving community of 100,000+ worldwide.

Do you know the code?
The Carey Code

I am a W. P. Carey Sun Devil for life:

  • I enrich our legacy by living our values of excellence, integrity, impact, and community
  • I demonstrate that business is personal by treating others with respect
  • I champion fellow Sun Devils by volunteering my time, talent, and treasure
  • I advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion with my voice and through action*
  • I embrace and exhibit ethical business practices

And together, we will spark positive change in the world, by doing good while doing well

Go to know:

*This statement was added to the Carey Code in response to the growing call to create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus environments. W. P. Carey believes that Black Lives Matter, and stands in solidarity with Black members of our community as we work to end racism in all its forms. For more information about W. P. Carey’s commitment to supporting our diverse campus and community, visit