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Career support for alumni

At the W. P. Carey School, we promise lifelong career support for our students and alumni. One way we’ve been doing this is through the W. P. Carey Career Services Center, which focuses on developing in-depth toolkits, including core job skills and executive presence. This year’s launch of the proprietary “Career 4” programming for working professionals fulfills that goal, too. We partnered support for alumni with our working professional populations and have seen strong growth in how we support graduates at this unusual time in the job market.
of Career 4 workshop attendees graduated 5–10 years ago
of Career 4 workshop attendees graduated 10+ years ago
  • The signature event series for W. P. Carey students and alumni, Career 4 Workshops are hosted by the W. P. Carey Career Services Center.
  • Attend all of the Career 4 sessions or pick and choose from the options: Career Blueprint, Personal Brand, Narrative, and Networking.
  • Each Career 4 Workshop is virtual and offered three to four times a year on a rolling basis, making it easy to access and allowing students and alumni to choose what they need.
  • Visit our alumni calendar to register for future Career 4 events: wpcarey.asu.edu/alumni-events.

Alumni for themselves

Career 4 Workshops provide resources and support to working professionals no matter where they are in their careers.

Choose from proprietary Career Blueprint, Personal Brand, Narrative, and Networking events.

  • Career Blueprint: Invest in yourself with this foundational and iterative process of mindset, reflection, goal setting, and planning, which will help you reach milestones and build consistency throughout the life of your career.
  • Personal Brand: Your brand is your reputation — what you’re known for and how people experience you. This workshop helps identify and shape behaviors that can positively enhance or realign those perceptions.
  • Narrative: Be prepared for the next “tell me about yourself” scenario you encounter with help from this workshop. Get the tools you need to ace your next meeting, professional event, networking opportunity, or job interview.
  • Networking: This workshop focuses on forging authentic and productive relationships as you build a network that can help support and fulfill your employment or business goals, not just getting a new role or setting out on a different career path.

Career 4 workshops launched in July 2021 and have engaged more than 200 alumni and working professionals where there were none in previous years.

Connecting alumni and students

There are several ways to deepen connections and build career-long engagement opportunities that support the design of the W. P. Carey career journey, including:

  • Mentoring by industry
  • Career advice (on panels, doing interviews)
  • Content contributors (on our website and other requests)
  • Feedback on student performance in corporate processes
  • Advocacy in companies to encourage recruiting W. P. Carey students