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PC Sportscards tops Sun Devil 100’s Class of 2022

Card dealer leads annual recognition of alumni-owned and -led businesses

osh Cohen earned an undergraduate degree in business administration in 2005. After graduation, he worked in tech and as a basketball coach.

Although Cohen had collected sports cards as a kid, he hadn’t dipped his toe in it in years. Then, in 2013, a friend got him back into collecting. After he couldn’t sell a valuable card for a reasonable price, Cohen took it to a card show and sold it for top dollar.

In March 2014, Cohen left tech and went into business for himself. Two years later, at the National Sports Card Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he shared a space with sports card dealer Zach Polen. They decided it was better to work together and quickly became a contender in the world of modern card dealers.

In 2020, PC Sportscards grew its business more than 390% and is the 2022 fastest-growing Sun Devil-led company.

Cohen was honored as the top of the Sun Devil 100 Class of 2022 in the category of companies with revenues of more than $10 million. The Sun Devil 100 is an annual awards program that recognizes the fastest-growing alumni-owned and -led organizations.

“I never expected this,” Cohen said as he accepted the award from ASU Alumni Association President Christine Wilkinson.

Each year, the alumni association recognizes leaders of organizations from around the world that demonstrate innovation, growth, and entrepreneurial spirit. Companies of all sizes, from individual business owners to large corporations, spanning dozens of industries, are honored at the annual awards program.

There were 137 people this year, representing 107 companies — the largest class yet. They had to have been in business for three years and be Sun Devil-owned and -led.

The diverse mix of organizations that make up this year’s class has combined total revenues of $15 billion for the last year, employs more than 130,000 people, and has locations in 13 states.

It’s the eighth year Sun Devil 100 has celebrated entrepreneurs, changemakers, and leaders who have graduated from ASU. In alignment with ASU’s charter, the ASU Foundation expanded the awards program to include revenue tiers and showcase more ASU alumni-owned and -led organizations.

Eligible companies were ranked by how fast they’re growing, determined by percentage increase in either gross sales or revenue for 2018, 2019, and 2020.

In a change from previous years, companies were placed in a tier based on their revenues from 2020:

Revenues of $250,000 to $1.999 million: The fastest-growing company in this category is full-service landscaping metal design company and fabrication firm Majestic Water Spouts in Tempe, Arizona, led by owner and CEO Matthew Kayne (BS Computer Information Systems ’08).

Revenues of $2 million to $9.999 million: For the first time in the program’s history, Sun Devil 100 recognized a top business from a previous year — Falcon Wealth Planning of Ontario, California, which was awarded the No. 1 spot in 2018. CEO Gabriel Abraham Shahin graduated from ASU in 2006 with a degree in business administration.

Revenues of $10 million and more, in addition to Cohen: Frederick M. Van Etten (BS General Business Administration ’77); Aaron Matos (BS Management ’95); Lisa VanBockern (BS Accountancy/Computer Information Systems ’98); Chris Ko (BS Finance ’03); David Freedman (BS Real Estate ’05); and David Glanzrock (BS Supply Chain Management/Marketing ’05).

A complete list of honorees can be found at alumni.asu.edu/events/sun-devil-100.