Colorful flower painting
Behold, instant art for your office! Enjoy the view — and the new ideas it brings you.
Behold, instant art for your office! Enjoy the view — and the new ideas it brings you.
a week of new ideas
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Sometimes having a strict routine is great: It allows us to move through our day with efficiency and purpose. Other times, we might need to branch out. If you are feeling the need to break free from your usual ways of working, here are some researched tips and helpful ideas from the W. P. Carey community. Try each for a whole week of new ideas.
Monday | A new perspective, literally
A change in perspective can be as simple as making a literal change in your environment. It doesn’t have to be big — even something small like swapping your computer background or taking a field trip to a coffee shop can help. Remember, you can see things in a new light just by switching what surrounds you.
Tuesday | This can be an email
“Many of us who have been working virtually are now transitioning back to in-person work environments. If you feel apprehensive about losing at-home productivity, there are ways to incorporate the useful forms of virtual collaboration that you have grown proficient in. For example, before resuming an in-person meeting, ask yourself if it’s actually better suited to virtual. Just because you’re back in the office doesn’t mean all your meetings must revert, too.” – Rachel Balven, Clinical Assistant Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship
Wednesday | It’s an art
Hoping to boost your creativity? Columbia University researcher Eric Kandel says looking at abstract art boosts our imagination and interpretive skills. Spend five minutes appreciating a work of art today and see how it helps you think differently. Find a new masterpiece through Google Arts & Culture:
Thursday | Bask in boredom
Most of us actively avoid the feeling of boredom. Especially in a culture that rewards productivity, having nothing to do can feel wasteful in addition to, well, boring. But taking that time to just be is vital for our creativity and helps our brain create space for new ideas. The next time you feel bored, bask in it. Before you know it, you will have chased your mind to new and exciting places.
Friday | Taste the difference
“I love to eat! Both cooking and eating, especially trying something new, can drive your creativity. This could be as simple as adding a different spice to your favorite protein or trying out a different cooking method. Lately, I use my air fryer every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cooking can be very relaxing and healthy, plus, you can even make your friends jealous by sharing tantalizing pics on social media!” – Markisha K. Farrier, Undergraduate Student Support Coordinator